søndag 24. juni 2018

Test of Osprey Hikelite 18!

In February, I was contacted again by Osprey, this time I was asked if I wanted to test the new Osprey Hikelite 18. Since the experience of testing and writing an evaluation of Osprey Xena 85 was so nice, I also said yes this time.

I wear out at least one pack of this size every year, so it was great to be asked. My old pack needed replacement - and let me say it right away It vas not just a replasment to go from Bergans to Psprey. It was a huge upgrade!

Now it's time to share my experience with the pack.

Osprey Hikelite 18 is a daypack, unisex, available in the colors green, blue, black, gray and my favorite color: red. To my pleasure I received it in red.

The bag has a carrying system that I have not experienced on a small day trip sack before. You know when a sack sticks to your back when you get hot because it's so close to your back? Hikelite's carrying system get the pak away from the back, it's air between your back and the pack. Sovereign!

Here in the north there has been a lot of rain in the time I have tested the pack. So much rain that I could not have used the it if it had not been for that it has a rain cover in a small pocket at the bottom. There the content stays dry, a detail I have not seen on a day trip pack before. Sovereign!

To my great pleasure there are deep outer pockets on both sides of the pack. In an elastic material. There both water bottles and other things that I want to have readily available in place, without falling out when I bend. Something I think is important since it's annoying to lose things.

Inside the little pocket at the top of the pack, there is a smart little detail; a hamper to attach keys. That is nice, since keys have a weird tendency to get lost in the bag.

Too many people water systems are important. For people bicycling it's probably very smart, because then they don't have to take it off to drink. Osprey Hikelite is prepared for this as well. To me it is not so important. There is enough water where I hike, so a bottle in the side pocket is more than enough.

Here is a link to Osprey's description of the pack, where you can see many pictures of it and all the details.

You probably read between the lines that I am very pleased with Osprey Hikelite 18. It weighs only 670 grams. Hikelite is also available in a larger version of 26 liters, if you want a bigger pack, you'll get it for £10 extra.

So if you need a new day trip pack this year, I highly recommend that you choose Osprey Hikelite 18. It costs about £ 70  and is worth every penny. Comfort and practical details give you a lot of hiking joy!

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